Adderstone Group takes advantage of the cloud

For development and construction experts Adderstone Group, getting connected to superfast broadband with the help of a connection voucher has meant a data revolution.

The company, based at Maling Court in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was previously managing on less than 20Mbps, and now shares a speedy 200Mbps with two other companies in its building, who also received vouchers.

Adderstone Group, a property development and construction company operating throughout the North of the UK, used its connection voucher – worth more than £2,800 – with the help of supplier Wildcard Networks, who installed superfast broadband via a dedicated fixed wireless connection.

Nicola Redhead, Head of Marketing, said: “We use off-site cloud-based back-up services to provide us with data security and business resilience, and the faster broadband speeds are perfect for this.

“We also use software programmes online in the running of our business, and superfast broadband gives us quick and efficient access to this, as well as improving our communications with staff in remote offices and with customers too.”

Llsa Clarke, Newcastle City Council’s Project Director - Go Digital Newcastle, said businesses across Newcastle were benefiting from connection vouchers.

“As Adderstone Group have proved, superfast broadband can help companies of all kinds to protect their operations and work more efficiently,” she said.

“These days, rapid broadband connections have become essential for businesses of all kinds as more and more trade is conducted online.

“Newcastle is becoming one of the best-connected cities in the UK, and superfast broadband is providing a boost to the local economy by helping companies improve their effectiveness and working practices as well as promoting their goods and services more easily.”