Andrew learns online from home with superfast broadband

Andrew learns online from home

People in Newcastle are being encouraged to speed up their lives by upgrading to quicker broadband – and local resident Andrew Maloney has been explaining how superfast speeds are helping him gain a Master’s degree.

Newcastle City Council’s Go Digital Newcastle campaign is helping to extend the availability of superfast broadband to 97 per cent of the city.

And Andrew, a 26-year-old accountant living in the city’s Chinatown, is just one Newcastle resident reaping the rewards of the new superfast connection.

Andrew works for a major accountancy firm, and is also taking a Distance Learning Masters in Accountancy from York University.

Before signing up to a superfast broadband service, he found his broadband speed was hampering his studies.

He said: “Before I upgraded to the superfast connection, it was taking me ages to download the lectures slides and information I needed to complete my assignments.

“If anyone else in my household was online it was almost impossible to get the information I needed, which obviously wasn’t ideal with my whole degree being online.”

Superfast broadband is already available in many homes across the city, and Go Digital Newcastle has been working hard with partners to extend the superfast connection coverage to almost everyone.

But the upgrade won’t happen automatically - you need to contact either your existing broadband supplier, or a new one and ask them to upgrade you to a superfast product.

The benefits of the upgrading are huge – you can instantly download and upload to your computer, Skype friends thousands of miles away, download movies in seconds, and kiss goodbye to buffering forever.

And everyone in the household can do this all at the same time without the service slowing down.

Andrew said: “As well as being really useful for my degree, I have noticed such a difference in my everyday internet activity.

“I can be in one room, doing work or assignments online while my girlfriend is in the next room instantly downloading movies and I don’t notice a change in speed in the slightest.”

Cllr Michael Johnson, Newcastle City Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Skills, Business and Enterprise, said: “This is a great opportunity for many of the residents of Newcastle to experience this amazing technology. The difference really is impressive - even with multiple users the speed is still incredible.

“Superfast broadband offers a brilliant opportunity for everyone in the home to get engaged with learning, whether that may be a child using the internet to help with homework, or an adult, such as Andrew, adding to their qualifications to boost their career.

“There is a vast amount of expert advice out there for people seeking a superfast connection in the home. I would urge everyone to visit the Go Digital Newcastle website - to check availability in their area and find out about the suppliers who can help.”

Go Digital Newcastle is also offering benefits for businesses, charities and social enterprises in the area too, with free connection vouchers worth up to £3,000 to get their business connected to superfast broadband, and free business support also available.