Connection Voucher Scheme

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Connection Voucher Scheme Application Form

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1.3 Address that the Connection Voucher is to be used for

This should be the registered company address or trading address.
Your postcode will be used to check that you are a business in Newcastle. Please make sure it is accurate.

Organisation Details

Please tell us your role in your organisation. e.g. Finance Director, Proprietor, Trustee. The person applying must be able to accept any offer made on behalf of the organisation.
Your organisation name may be published if you are awarded a Connection Voucher.
If your registered address above is not where you usually do business, please also include your trading address.
If you are a limited company (Ltd), LLP, public limited company (plc.) or Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), you will be registered with Companies House.
You should be registered with the Charity Commission.
If you are a charity, you should list both employees and volunteers separately.

The Connection Voucher Scheme can only be used by Small to Medium size Enterprises as defined by the European Commission. The same rules apply to charities and not for profit organisations

Please consider the following 5 eligibility criteria:

  1. We employ less than 249 people or volunteers
  2. We have a turnover of less than €50 (around £41m) and/or have a balance sheet of less than €43M (around £35.5M)
  3. We have received less than €200k in public grants in the last 3 years
  4. We do not operate in sector which is excluded from the Scheme (this includes: fishery and aquaculture primary production, processing and marketing of agriculture products coal, steel and shipbuilding)
  5. We do not have a parent company or linked enterprise which does not meet the eligibility criteria.
  6. If you cannot answer YES to any of the 5 questions above your organisation may not be eligible to apply and you should contact Go Digital Newcastle Team on 0191 277 1625 or email to check before proceeding with your application.

If you are a business, please select the 2007 UK Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code that best describes the business sector that you operate in. If you need further information please visit
The following information will be verified by Newcastle City Council.
Your reference number will begin with 69 and is up to nine digits. You can find this on your business rates bill
e.g. you are a tenant and your landlord is registered.
Are you up to date with your payment of business rates to Newcastle City Council in line with your expected schedule of 10 monthly payments from April 2013 to January 2014?
If you have not agreed a revised schedule of payments and are currently in arrears please say how and when you intend to address this.
Supplier Details
Please enter details of your chosen service provider. Please note that they MUST be selected from the list of pre-qualified suppliers available at
Please give the name of the product chosen.
Please provide the unique reference number from your chosen supplier’s quotation. Contact your supplier if you cannot locate it.
Please enter the cost from the service provider quotation. Please note that we may ask for a detailed breakdown of how the costs have been calculated.
Some suppliers are only able to provide firm quotations after survey. If they have provided you with an estimate, we need to know as your Connection Voucher offer will need to be confirmed once the final cost is agreed.
2.6 Estimated date of connection *
Please enter the estimated date that the work will be completed by the supplier.
E.g., 29/06/2022
Please give the e mail address of the supplier contact.
Your Connection
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Please enter details of your service provider for your current/old connection.
Please give the name of the product you currently subscribe to.
Please tell us how much a month you pay for your current connection.
Please tell us if there were any connection charges when you took out your current connection.
Please use the box below to describe what the costs are and how much per month you pay (e.g. for exceeding data limits, ongoing service charges).
Please use the box below to describe any restrictions on the use of the connection.
What kind of connection have you selected?
Enter in Months the duration of the agreed contract at the rate agreed for the monthly cost provided.
Provide the monthly cost of the new or agreed connection.
Please use the box below to describe what the costs are and how much per month you pay (e.g. for exceeding data limits, ongoing service charges).
Please use the text box to describe any restrictions on the use of the connection.

3.4 What speeds can you upload/download with your current connection?

3.11 What speeds will you be able to upload/download with your new connection?

Benefits to your business/organisation
Please select as many as are appropriate.

Please tell us the impact on your business of taking the new connection

4.2 Increase in business turnover

Data Protection

The information which you provide on this form will be used by Newcastle City Council to assess your application for a Go Digital Newcastle Broadband Connection Voucher. We will use the information provided for administration and management purposes, including carrying out appropriate credit checks and auditing. In addition we will need to share this information with associated organisations in the management of this scheme.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold on you that is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 and to correct any inaccuracies in your information. There may be a small administrative charge for this service.

Please tick this box if you would like to be contacted either by email, telephone or mail with details of future services which may be relevant to you.

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