SMEs say Twitter is Brilliant for Business

May 8, 2014

Throughout the UK, small and medium sized businesses are using Twitter as a powerful tool to drive awareness of their products and services, while connecting with existing and potential customers.

The Go Digital case study section is filled with examples of local heroes that have used Twitter to help their businesses soar, with one Newcastle based business using Twitter to gain over 15,000 followers, boosting sales and reaching new markets as a result.

New research by Nielsen has helped to prove how successful Twitter can be for smaller firms. In a study of 100 small to medium enterprises involved in tweeting and managing their company’s Twitter account, 83% say that they would directly recommend Twitter to other SMEs.

This stat-tastic infographic from Twitter works to prove just how powerful the businesses behind the Twitter handles are finding the platform. It also shows how clever, strategic use of the channel can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

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