Super Stuff that happened on the Web this week

June 29, 2014

The internet is an ever expanding source of knowledge and inspiration. We love it and thought we’d make a habit of sharing our favourite happenings with you on a weekly basis. Let’s get started with the stories that have sparked our interest over the past seven days.

Google launched Glass in the UK

The  wearable tech from internet giants Google is now available in the UK. Launched as part of the Explorer Programme - Google is calling for users to document their lives wearing Glass and share it with the world using the #throughglass hashtag across social media. The snazzy kit is ‘designed for those who move’ or just those with busy hands and is rumoured to have as much power as a smartphone for using apps, taking photos and making calls. With a starting price of £1,000 they're definitely not an impulse buy and we have to admit, they do look a little funny but we'd love to give them a go. 

Teens use Facebook

After recent speculation that Facebook wasn’t 'cool' enough for youngsters, Forrester Research released a report detailing that teen usage of Facebook is not in decline. The report found that more than three quarters of online youth use Facebook - that’s twice as many as other social sites like Tumblr or Pinterest. With increased smartphone usage by 13 – 17 year olds, the numbers are set to rise. The Facebook mobile app still ranks in the top 10 downloaded apps across Google Play and the Apple App Store.

UK Chart embraces digital 

The Official Singles Chart is set to start including audio streams as of July 6th, following a huge growth in the usage of in-streaming services from sites such as Spotify, Xbox Music and Rara. With 260 million audio steams performed weekly in the UK, the move to include streaming as part of the Official Chart rankings reflects a significant change in music consumption that has been powered by the web. With 100 streams to be taken as the equivalent of one physical download or sale, it’s set to be an interesting Top 40 this Sunday.

Yo app downloads explode

Launched in April this year, Yo - the app that lets you send a message saying ‘Yo’ to your friends has proved that simplicity rules. Receiving over 1 million downloads Yo is now the fifth most popular app in the US Apple app store, surpassing Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat with users sending out over 4 million ‘Yos’ in one day alone. Though still in its early stages and subject to hacking recently, the apps creators have grand plans to turn Yo into a notification tool for publishers, brands and individuals. Watch this space to see if simple really does mean effective.  

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