Super Stuff that happened on the Web this week

July 11, 2014

It is Friday once again and we have wrapped up this week’s online news into one delicious bite size chunk for your reading pleasure. 

Shopping on Twitter?

There have been a few sightings of a “Buy Now” button available on Twitter’s promoted posts which directs users to a checkout page for the featured product. With the acquisition of TapCommerce earlier in the week, these sightings could be more than just a glitch in the system.  If rolled out fully brands would have the ability to Tweet products that are available to purchase directly within the Twitter platform. 

The safety of home

Apple has filed a patent to develop GPS location enabled passwords, meaning that when you are in a designate ‘safe environment’ your phone will not require a PIN to be unlocked. That’s not all, the location service could also change the user’s home screen depending on where they are e.g. social & gaming apps for at home whilst when in the office another set of useful apps would be displayed. Personalisation at its finest. 

Mind operated wearable tech

Thought operated cars are no longer a vision of the future. Neuroengineering company Emotiv has developed a headset which scans your brain for signals, then translates your thoughts into a computer, producing words or movement. Yep, that’s right. Movement. The device allows for telekinetic activity to be actualised and so far has been used to ensure safer driving by directing cars to slow down when a driver’s brain seems to be on other things. 

Art or vandalism?

Google’s Cultural Institute has launched a new project, capturing more than 5000 images from across the world. The twist. It is all graffiti. With the fleeting nature of Street Art, this is a way of documenting modern day artists that could be washed away tomorrow. With famous areas such as 5 Pointz, New York already being ‘condemned’ and set to demolished, this project aims to immortalise areas that are inaccessible or have been removed, online viewers have 3D access to more than 100 exhibits globally.  


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