Super Stuff that happened on the Web this week

July 18, 2014

There have been some very exciting this on the Web this week and here’s a summary of the stuff that’s captured our interest:  

Amazon drone petitions FAA

Online shopping giant Amazon has petitioned the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to lift its ban on the testing of drones that will be used in commercial ventures. Earlier this year Amazon revealed that its Prime Air delivery service would use drones in certain American cities to get packages to its customers with an estimated delivery time of as little as 30 minutes. Amazon have high ambitions for Prime Air, hoping it will be as normal as seeing mail trucks, but with the FAA tasked with keeping US airspace safe – unmanned drones could present a great risk and could cause more incidents than good.

LinkedIn acquires Newsle

To cement its position as the largest professional social network LinkedIn has acquired start-up Newsle aiming to improve the data we receive on our LinkedIn feeds. Newsle  helps users get the latest news on their contacts (phone, email or social) finds blogs and articles that mention you or anyone users care about – friends, colleagues, bosses, industry thought leaders and notifies you seconds after they’ve published it. This makes it super easy to keep up to date with a variety of people without being inundated by a lot of irrelevant content – something that will prove very valuable to LinkedIn.

Google ‘smart lenses’

Google has partnered with Novaritis (parent company of world renowned contact lens brands) to begin creating the ‘smart lens’ after whispers earlier in the year about the project that hopes to contribute to the medical community by using the lens to monitor glucose levels for diabetics with much less hassle than current methods. With this new partnership there are several other diseases that could also be tackled with the smart lens– thought the project is in very early stages, once developed its hoped it could change lives for millions of people across the world.

First game on Android Wear is Flopsy Droid (a.k.a Flappy Bird)

Gaming gurus at Android Wear launched the first smart watch game this week – and of course it is the Android version of the game that had the world hooked -Flappy Bird. Known to smart watch wearers as Flopsy Droid and still in its early stages, the game seems to have some teething issues, voice recognition isn’t the best so you have to use your phone to activate the game (which is kind of pointless) however, it’s is a great step forward. The biggest challenge for developers now is: how do you create a watch that does something your smart phone can’t?

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