Superstuff that happened on the Web this week

July 25, 2014

What a week it’s been and the super stuff on the web just keeps on coming. We have put together highlights of the best bits that had us excited.

Selfie with the Queen

Photobomb of the year award goes to (drumroll please!) The Queen of England. Yep – that’s right the Queen seized the opportunity to jump into the back of a ‘selfie’ by Aussie hockey player Jayde Taylor and her teammate. The girls are here for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – bet they never expected to go viral with a simple selfie after winning their match against Malaysia. 

Kickstarter for Sense

Online funding site, Kickstarter, has exploded with the launch of a new project, Sense. Sleep fiends across the globe have pledged more than $660k in just two days, for a simple but savvy system that tracks bedroom behaviour. As Sense clearly surpassed its $100k target, it will be able build the units and have them ready to roll out around November, 2014.

Patent reveals Apple ‘iWatch’

Hear that noise? It’s the sound of a patent being filed by Apple for what’s billed to be the best smartwatch yet. What makes it different from current smartwatches is that this cool bit of kit will have a detachable screen. Classic Apple shaking things up when it comes to wearable tech by not limiting itself to being just a smartwatch – it will be the iWatch.

Facebook launches ‘save’ bookmarking

Once again Facebook has released a funky new feature, but this time instead causing outcry, this change is actually pretty handy! It’s new bookmarking feature means you can ‘Save’ friends’ posts, links or music into one place and come back to them at any point you like – we think this is pretty neat!

And that’s a wrap! To keep up with more regular updates on the super stuff that’s happening online join us on Twitter @godigitalNCL and Facebook.

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