Superstuff that happened on the Web this week

August 4, 2014

Welcome to your weekly update of the super stuff that is happening online. 

Green light for driverless car testing

Driverless cars could soon be coming to a city near you. Business secretary Vince Cable has announced a £10 million fund for driverless car research and a road safety law review in the UK. The cars which use satellites, big data and feature an urban design will be available from next year for research trials in three cities across the country in a project that’s set to establish the UK as a global hub for driverless car testing.


Google Trends show a go slow for Apple

Google Trends data has caused a ruckus amongst Apple fans as it shows a spike in searches for ‘iPhone slow’ at the time Apple release its newest model. The data, compiled by Harvard economics professor Sendhil Mullainathan, has got people talking about what causes the go-slow that so many people are searching for? Is it a symptom of the demand on its software? Or a fragment of our imagination – simply because we know there’s something newer (and shinier) available? As of yet, Apple refuse to comment.


Free internet access for all?

Facebook backed non-profit organisation is set to bring free internet access to Zambia as part of its vision to make the internet accessible to every person on the earth. By partnering with telecoms giant Airtel, has developed an app that will provide Zambians with free internet data access to a handful of core services including health and hygiene reports, women’s support, jobs advice and (of course) Facebook messenger. A democratic digital experience for all? Perhaps not but most definitely a huge leap forward in reducing the digital divide.  


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