Top Tips for Newcastle SMEs from the Google Juice Bar

March 25, 2014

Internet giants Google headed to Newcastle this month to host the ‘Google Juice Bar’ - an event designed to help Newcastle businesses get to grips with using the web to boost their performance.

Businesses with a strong online presence are performing 4-8 times faster than those without, signalling huge potential for local business to grow quicker and stronger, gaining more customers and reaching new markets.

We’ve picked a handful of tips from the event to give you a taster of how the web can transform your business:

1: Identify your purpose and goals

Before embarking upon any online activity, it’s super important to have a clear vision as to ‘why’ you’re doing it. A clearly defined purpose will help you to create a plan with actionable goals that will make sure you’re reaching the right people at the right time.

2: Create great content

Your audience will be using the internet to search for your services, day in, day out.

Create regular, meaningful copy that reflects the things that your audience will be searching for online - try to answer their questions, provide solutions to their problems and become a reliable source of information to help your content be found.

Remember, online audiences love to skim read, so make sure your content works as hard as it possibly can for you by being simple and easy to digest. Break up any long paragraphs with bullet points or images to create pace and hold interest.

3: Use strong calls to action

So, you’ve written great content and more potential customers are finding your website than ever before. What next? Your website needs to tell these visitors as clearly as possible exactly what you want them to do.

Want them to call? Keep your number visible and prominent at every part of their website journey. Want them to enquire online? Include an easy to fill in enquiry form that sits on every page of your site. Want them to buy? Make sure you include a ‘Buy Now’ button that grabs attention.

4: Tap into Trends

Google Trends is a brilliant, free tool that will give you heaps of insight into what your customers want and when they want it. By using Google Trends you can see how often specific keywords, subjects and phrases are searched for and most importantly when these searches peak and subside. This will help you plan how and when you need to be focusing your energy on creating content or campaigns around these themes to make sure you capture all of that online traffic.

5: Help your business to be found

97% of consumers search for local business online and Google offers another nifty service Google Places that will promote your business for free on Google Search, Maps and Google+ whether they’re searching for you on a phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.

Want more of these tips to discover how to turbo-boost your business? Join us on April 8th for a FREE SuperFast Business Success event were we’ll spend the day talking you through the many wonderful ways you can use the web to reach more of your potential customers at super-speed. You’ll also have the opportunity to chat one-to-one with our experts about growing your business, increasing turnover and strengthening your online presence.