This week: LinkedIn users are the most charitable, iOS 8 backlash and Instagram ads imminent

September 19, 2014

Social media survey shows charitable nature of users

With the viral nature of social media, it is no surprise that users are amongst some one the most charitable. With Cancer Research’s #NoMakeUpSelfie and the ALS #IceBucketChallenge both receiving a huge amount of coverage, as well as donations. A recent survey recently revealed LinkedIn users as the most generous with both their time and money, while Facebook users rank 2nd and 3rd respectively; closely followed by Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

iOS 8 causes outrage

Wednesday saw the launch of the new Apple operating system for iPhone, iOS 8. Promising the glitz and glamour of a faster running phone, a range of new built in features and a faster focusing camera app; however all it seems to have delivered is a lot of hassle. Taking up a gigantic 5.6GB of space (equivalent for 1/3 of space on most iPhones) meaning most users have had to delete photos, videos and other apps just to be able to download it. The question is though, is it worth it? Tell us what you think @godigitalNCL. More at

Instagram ads coming soon

We can’t say we weren’t told, sponsored images on Instagram have been happening for a while now in the USA; with the roll out happening “slowly” but surely in the UK. Instagram has said that it is starting with brands that are “already great” and as with all ads the aim is for this to add to our experience as users of the platform. Great for brands, but will it be any good for users? We’ll have to wait and see.

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