This Week: A new Pinterest feature, tweaks to Google's algorithm and UK developers get rich

August 11, 2014

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the online happenings that have got everyone talking…

Pinterest launches a new feature

Its new messaging feature lets users share content and chat by letting them send private messages to each other or groups of up-to 10 people, without ever having to leave the app.

Users can now have conversations with their nearest and dearest about projects they’re working on, trips they’re planning and top secret party themes without it having to be shared in their newsfeeds.

With two million pins sent out each day, we reckon it’s a great way to keep Pinterest users pinners.     

UK developers strike gold

European app developers have earned $6.5bn since the iPhone app store arrived in 2008. With more than 60,000 paid developers, the UK has the biggest group in Europe, closely followed by Germany and France.

Powering what Apple has called ‘an entirely new industry: iOS app design and development,’ their work is expected to contribute $86 billion to worldwide GDP in 2014.

We app-laud their work.

Google gets security conscious

Security measures will soon start to affect Google’s search engine rankings. The internet giant has announced that it will include security features such as HTTPS encryption as part of its algorithm that decides how websites should be ranked. 

Though this new factor is set to hold less importance than quality content and inbound links, Google is hoping this latest move will contribute towards a more secure online community.

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