Which broadband package is right for you?

November 4, 2014

When it comes to choosing the right Internet package for your home, you can be overwhelmed with a bunch of jargon and numbers, but none of it really tells you if that is the right package for you.

Go Digital Newcastle to the rescue!

We’ve compiled a check-list of things you do online to see whether you would benefit from upgrading your home broadband to a superfast fibre optic connection.

If you regularly do any of the following – it is time to get in touch with us!

·         Video call friends or family

·         Stream or download music, podcasts or TV shows

·         Download or stream HD movies

·         Download or play online games

·         Store documents or photos in the Cloud

·         Study online

·         Work from home often – or want to be able to do this

·         Shop/sell online and look for savings

·         Use multiple devices on the web (i.e. phone, tablet, desktop, games console,           laptop)

·         Share videos and pictures on social media

Go Digital Newcastle is working with existing suppliers to extend the availability of superfast broadband and make the city one of the best connected in the UK.

You can check if superfast broadband is now available in your area by entering your postcode into our map, and you can check your current broadband speed here.

You can check which suppliers can offer a service in your area on this superfast broadband supplier website