Speed Test

Are you cruising along in the fast lane or crawling along on the hard shoulder? To check your own broadband speed, just click on “Begin Test” on our Speed Test below.


If superfast broadband is already in your street, you can speed up your service. Check which suppliers are able to offer a service in your area by visiting the this website.

Please note – results are only a guide, and may vary depending on time and day.  In order to get the best estimate of your broadband connection speed we recommend that you run the test several times, over the course of a few days at differing times.  We would also recommend that you also check your speed with other reputable speed test websites.


Speedtest.net Mini requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.
Broadband speed Typical download Typical upload
512Kbps 460 Kbps 200-240 Kbps
1Meg 920 Kbps 200-240 Kbps
2Meg 1840 Kbps 200-240 Kbps
8Meg 7000 Kbps 400-750 Kbps
16Meg 15000 Kbps 750 Kbps – 1.5Mbps
24Meg 21000 Kbps 750 Kbps – 1.5Mbps