Newcastle City Council is rolling out free public Wi-Fi across the city as part of its Go Digital Newcastle programme. Wi-Fi will be available in a number of indoor and outdoor locations, providing free 24/7 access to residents, businesses and visitors.

The service is being delivered by BT under two separate contracts. The service will be “family friendly” with inappropriate content automatically blocked by BT.

Indoor W-iFi

The indoor service is now available in the public buildings of 69 sites across the city, including the Civic Centre and Customer Service Centres, Libraries, Museums and the community facilities in a large number of Your Homes Newcastle.

This contract provides a fully managed service from BT for a 5-year period funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) as part of its Super-Connected Cities initiative.

The indoor WiFi service is now fully operational. See list of all public buildings below.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

The outdoor service, awarded in partnership with Gateshead Council, is now available in key pedestrian routes across Newcastle city centre, Gateshead town centre and both sides of the quayside. The outdoor Wi-Fi will be deployed using a mix of BT telephone kiosks, lampposts and CCTV columns in a phased roll out. See map of coverage and hotspots (pdf)

Getting Connected

Connection to the free Wi-Fi is very simple. “GoDigital_WiFi” will appear on users devices and a password is not needed to connect to the service.

The first time the user connects to GoDigital WiFi they will be asked to accept the Terms & Conditions of the service, the user will not need to go through the process again (provided they are using the same device).

Location Address  
City Library Charles Avison Building,
33 New Bridge Street West, N'cstl
West End Cust. S.C. and Library Condercum Road, N'cstl NE4 9JH
Blakelaw Library Binswood Avenue, Blakelaw, N'cstl NE5 3PN
East End Library, Cust. S.C. and Pool Hadrian Square, Byker, N'cstl NE6 1AL
High Heaton Partnership  Library Newton Road, High Heaton, N'cstl NE7 7HD
Discovery Museum Blandford Square, N'cstl NE1 4JA
Laing Art Gallery New Bridge Street, N'cstl NE1 8AG
Civic centre Cust. S.C. Civic Centre, Barras Bridge, N'cstl NE1 8QH
Denton Burn Partnership Library West Road, Denton Burn, N'cstl NE15 7QQ
Newburn Library High Street, Newburn, N'cstl NE15 8LN
Great North Museum Hancock Museum Great North Road, Barras Bridge, N'cstl NE2 4PT
Gosforth Library & Lifelong Learning Centre Regent Farm Road, Gosforth, N'cstl NE3 3HD
Kenton Library and Cust. S.C. Kenton Centre, Hillsview Avenue, N'cstl NE3 3QJ
Cruddas Park Partnership Library Westmorland Road, Cruddas Park, N'cstl NE4 7QY
Fenham Partnership Library Fenham Hall Drive, Fenham, N'cstl NE4 9XD
Outer West Library, Cust. S.C. and Pool West  Denton Way, Denton Park, N'cstl NE5 2QZ
Melbourne Court Comm. Melbourne Court Community NE1 2AT
70 Shieldfield House 70 Shieldfield House NE2 1BQ
The Minories  Rosebery Crescent, Jesmond  NE2 1ET
Vale House Vale House NE2 1HF
Napier House Napier Street, Shieldfield,  NE2 1XJ
Shield Court  Shield Street Shieldfield  NE2 1XF
Pandon Court Pandon Court (managed by housing office)  NE2 1XY
Dunira  28 Reid Park Road Jesmond  NE2 2EB
Stepping Stones Hostel Stepping Stones Hostel, Lansdowne Cres  NE2 1XF
Conewood House  Fawdon Park Road Fawdon  NE3 2PG
Kilbourn House Newlyn Road NE3 3JX
Leagreen Court  Kenton Road Fawdon NE3 3UW
Burnfoot Court 1-22 Bygate Court NE3 4BU
Welbeck Green Bungalows  Monkchester Road, Walker  NE6 2QH
1 Wyndley House 1 Wyndley House NE3 4RH
Jubilee Court Jubilee Court NE3 4NN
Iris Steedman House  Thorpe Close Avison Street  NE4 5HN
Moor House Hamilton   Crescent Avison Street  NE4 5HN
Queens Court  Queens Court NE4 6BJ
West End Women and Girls Stephenson Building, Elswick Road NE4 6SQ
123 Westgate Court            123 Westgate Court   NE4 6HA
Brunswick Park Centre Westfield Avenue, Brunswick Village NE13 7EG
Maytree House,  Maytree House, Hawthorn Terrace, Elswick NE4 6RW
The Larches  The Larches  NE4 7EL
145 Waverley Road 145 Waverley Road NE4 7SJ
Adelaide House Comm. Room Adelaide House Community Room NE4 8AF
Fenham Hut 2 Queensway, Fenham  NE4 9SX
2 Denton Park House 2 Denton Park House NE5 2LG
Hilltop House 52 Hilltop House NE5 2PG
Coniston Court   Slatyford Lane,Slatyford  NE5 2SH
Moorland House Moorland House NE5 3RY
Trevelyan Court Trevelyan Court NE5 4EG
Simonside Comm. Centre Bedeburn Road, Newbiggin Hall NE5 4JQ
Bamburgh House  Bamburgh Road Westerhope  NE5 5PZ
Belvedere House  Heaton Walk, Heaton  NE6 1QX
Molineux court Molineux court NE6 1SU
Margaret Collins House  Canterbury Street, Walker  NE6 2JD
Monkchester Green Bungalows  Kingston Green, Walker  NE6 2LN 
Allendale House   Allendale Road, Byker  NE6 2SU
Theresa Russell House  Algernon Road Byker  NE6 2UE
31- 33 Hexham Avenue (Wor Hoose) 31- 33 Hexham Avenue (Wor Hoose) NE6 3AL
Dr Ryan House  Airey Terrace, Walker  NE6 3HR
Walker Centre Church Walk, Walker, N'cstl NE6 3BS
Scrogg Road Scrogg Road NE6 4AR
Eastbourne Court  Eastbourne Avenue, Walker  NE6 4DS
Keebledale House  Keebledale Avenue, Walker  NE6 4HS 
Station Court Fossway, Walker NE6 4XF
Milecastle House  Finchley Court, Walker  NE6 4YW
The Spinney  The Spinney Newton Road Heaton NE7 7HR
12 -14 Sunnybank Ave - Pendower GNP 12 -14 Sunnybank Avenue NE15 6SD
6 Tynedale House 6 Tynedale House NE15 6UP
Wansbeck House  Aln Court Lemington  NE15 8ES
Hadrian House  Hexham Road, Throckley NE15 9HX